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Kennedy Space Center unveils spectacular new entry experience.

Written by Kristen Schmutz

Belden Communications News



In a momentous event on October 18, the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex proudly unveiled the brand-new Kennedy Entry Experience, a captivating addition to the entrance plaza that promises to leave guests in awe from the moment they embark on their journey. Generously sponsored by SNA Displays, this LED spectacular boasts a remarkable 3,000-square-foot video display that weaves together the compelling narrative of NASA’s past, present, and future, utilizing mesmerizing technology that lends images an astonishing sense of depth and reality.

The new Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex Entry Experience will continuously play a captivating six-minute video throughout the day, featuring the iconic “We Choose to Go to the Moon” speech by former President John F. Kennedy. After setting the tone for a day filled with history, wonder, and anticipation, the video also offers glimpses of the remarkable artifacts that guests will encounter during their visit, transporting them to pivotal moments in space exploration and providing insights into the future of space travel. The LED display will also be able to transmit custom immersive content, live-input video feeds, and strategic event advertising. 

Beyond its entertainment value, the display serves a vital safety function as it is seamlessly integrated into the emergency alert system to notify park guests of adverse weather conditions. This proactive approach ensures the well-being of visitors and staff at the complex.

Looking ahead, the Kennedy Entry Experience can also broadcast live rocket launches and special events, enhancing the visitor experience by bringing them closer to the thrilling world of space exploration. For more information about the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex and its latest offering, please visit https://www.kennedyspacecenter.com/.


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